At Adventure Sunderland, We use adventurous activities as a tool to help young people develop skills for life. We achieve this by structuring the experience to encourage learning. we are unique in that we can create a bespoke flexible program of activities for your Groups requirements.  We can even bring some of our activities to you. We can offer standalone single sessions, as well as yearlong regular sessions depending on your requirements. 


Youth Group

Scouting groups

We can facilitate bespoke sessions for your needs, whether that is learning and developing key life skills. such as working as part of a team, confidence, getting active, mental well being or social skills. 

We can facilitate the ideal learning environment to achieve some of the following badges. Time on the water, lifesaver, climber, navigator and the paddle sports badge. 


Uniform services 

We aim to assist you with the hard and soft skills required to work in a high pressure yet rewarding field, our uniformed service package can aid your group, through adventurous activities, with their overall level of fitness, discipline ready for a career in the uniformed protective services or the private sector.


Girl Guiding

Sports Groups

We can facilitate the ideal learning environment to achieve some of your badges. 

We can tailor sessions to certain outcomes, whether that is water confidence, teamwork, or fun. 

Looking for something a little different? do you want to boost your teams inter personal skills? such as Team work, problem solving, confidence and leadership.

we can assist with this by taking your team out of their natural environment and challenging them to push their boundaries in different ways. 

If you are an organisation or group not mentioned above, We can provide Activities for groups of up

to 50 people. To discuss your Adventure please  contact us with your requirements and we can help you create the best package for your Groups needs.


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