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As a DofE approved activity provider, We can provide DofE expeditions for groups. On foot, in a canoe, on a paddle board or on a bike. 

Qualifying Expeditions

your qualifying expedition.  You head off with your group on a self-sufficient journey which you route plan yourselves (with the guidance of our instructors and the benefit of their expedition knowledge if you have questions) and an expedition aim that you’ve chosen – this helps to give you the sense of independence and adventure that DofE is all about.

Your qualifying expedition will need to meet the ’20 Conditions’ for expeditions set down by the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We work with you to help ensure you meet these and don’t waste your time and effort – read more about the 20 Conditions below.

River trips

Practice expeditions

Your group will need to complete a practice expedition to see if the training you have undertaken is sufficient to enable you to proceed to a qualifying expedition safely.

After you have finished your practice expedition, if your expedition Supervisor is happy, they will provide you with a report stating that you are ready to do your qualifying expedition. If they feel that there are areas that you and your team need to work on before undertaking a qualifying expedition, they will detail this in a report and ask you to come back to undertake another practice expedition so that you can have more input to help you feel happy and confident in approaching the qualifying expedition.


Every participant and every team has their own path to reaching a qualifying expedition which may involve one or more practice expeditions – if you approach your pre-expedition training and practice expedition with enthusiasm and get involved in all aspects, it is unlikely that you would need to complete more than one practice expedition unless you are really struggling with a particular area of the syllabus.


Our instructors give you all the support and input that you would like.

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