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Long term bookings.

If you are looking for progressive activity sessions then you are in the right place. We can provide your learners an experience they will never forget. We can even bring the adventure to you! We provide a range of different activities to suit all ages. All of our sessions can be built to accommodate key stage learning outcomes as well as GCSE and A-level. 

We can offer a mixture of activities on any given day to suit the needs of your school, this even includes two purpose built classrooms at our centre. whether you are looking to fill a half term with fun packed activities or you are looking to give a class of GCSE students a new adventurous challenge for the year then we can help.

Give us a call to find out more on 0191 514 4721

What are the Costs?

·         Single Sessions from £117.50 per group of 10 students for a half day.

          (Max 30 students at a time)

·         A full term of weekly ½ day sessions from £99 a session.

·        A full school year of 1 weekly ½ day sessions from £3200.

          Discounts available for multiple groups.

·       Full year price includes school visits by our staff if required.

          Also we can provide days for groups of teachers to come and

          experience our sessions!

Transport to the Centre.

We have a minibus with the capacity to take a full group and an accompanying teacher. For a small charge we can collect and drop off your participants at the school!

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Example full term booking (Kayaking).

Pre-arrival checks:

  One of our staff will make contact with your appointed person in charge of these sessions to see what activities you would like to undertake during your visit. Also we will talk to you in regards to any specific learning outcomes you may have as well as to find out if there is any specific information we need to know about your students attending the sessions.

First session:

Students and accompanying teachers will be introduced to the centre and the facilities as well as being talked through any procedures they will need to know for their visit(s).

The first session will be ran as a taster session to gauge the learner's abilities and personalities as we are very aware that our sessions can take people out of their comfort zones. In this first session we will introduce the ethos of fun and learning, during this time we will aim to introduce new basic skills and to start to push the children in what they are comfortable to do. 

Session 2-8:

Students will look at a variation of skills working through British canoeing's award framework. In doing this the learners will be working on skills such as balance, coordination, self-confidence amongst others. They will also be introduced to rescues as well as controlling a boat, making them aware of their own personal safety as well as the safety of others.

Session 9-11:

Students will now start to have their personal performance levels assessed by one of our Coaches, during this time all of the skills that the students have learnt will be monitored and students will received individual feedback on their progress. This can also include certification from British Canoeing who are the awarding body for the sport (This will be at an extra cost of the certification fees)

Session 12: 

Your final session will be aimed solely around having some fun and using the skills that you have learnt over the past 12 weeks. We will aim to take the students on a journey in the kayaks and play a lot of games. This can be followed up by the handing out of certificates if this is an option you choose.    



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