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Beach School.

A unique outdoor learning experience for local schools.

Beach Schools are a new and exciting way for children to involve themselves in the wonders of the UK's coast line. Here at Adventure Sunderland we aim to increase students' knowledge about the local coastal environment. Opening their eyes to this amazing ecosystem and helping inspiring them to care for our local coast lines.

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What is 'Beach School'?

Beach School is about educating children through a variety of sessions and various activities; Increasing the awareness about their local coastal environment and how they can help to make a positive impact on it for future generations. Below are some of the aspects we might explore:

  • How to behave sensibly and act responsibly when using the beach

  • Seasons and tides.

  • Survival skills: including building shelters, fire lighting and outdoor cooking.

  • The challenges the marine environment faces; including over fishing and pollution

  • Animal and plant identification and information.

  • How marine flora and fauna are adapted to survive in their environment.

  • Mini beach cleans.

  • Environmental/marine art.

Throughout these activities learners will also develop important life skills such as team working, confidence in an outdoor setting and emotional intelligence.


Possible session outcomes.

  • Improved team working skills 

  • better use and understanding of communication skills and their benefits.

  • Leadership skills develop and improve, tasks and activities give more students the chance to take the leading role.

  • Improved problem solving skills that give all students the chance to participate no matter there physical or cognitive ability. 

  • For many children, playing outdoors in their early years may be the only opportunity they have to play safely and freely while they learn to assess risk and develop the skills to manage new situations.

  • Improved co-ordination and motor skills

  • helping to building self-confidence and self-esteem which is fundamental to any young person’s development.

  • Activities give students the awareness of the needs and contributions of others.

  • Direct experience out of doors stimulates and boosts learning across many areas of the curriculum, and the use of the outdoors encourages learners to take more responsibility for their own learning.

  • Having fun and trying something new. 


What we will do for you.

  • We will provide you with a safe yet exciting setting for your activity choices.

  • Challenge all students no matter what there ability levels are.

  • Review and enforce any learning outcomes your students have, this can include key stages and GCSE's as well as A-level.

  • Offer bespoke outcomes to your day rather than providing a tick box exercise.

  • We will support and develop your students in your chosen activities.

  • We will provide continued contact prior to your visit making sure you are happy with the process and available sessions.    


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